Potterells: A training practice

Since 2005, Potterells Medical Centre has been accredited as a Training Practice.

In order to do this, the Practice had to undergo significant training and transformation. Our accredited Trainers, Dr Heath and Dr Ridout, undertook a teaching qualification. We even had to extend the practice building to accommodate the extra space necessary.

In becoming a training establishment we transformed many of our procedures and raised our standards further in order to reach the level of approval necessary to train the next generation of GPs and hospital doctors.

We feel the introduction of qualified doctors as learners into the practice has raised standards in the practice and continues to do so day by day. As a result we are now in a position to provide a higher level of service to all our patients.

GP Registrar

GP Registrars are experienced qualified Doctors. All of them have several years of postgraduate hospital experience, having completed a number of senior posts in hospital specialities, and are in the last stage of their training as a GP. Typically, they study with us at Potterells and the University of Hertfordshire Medical Centre for a year, adapting their considerable skills, after which they are qualified to operate fully independently as a GP. Throughout their training they are supervised closely by, and receive training from, the other doctors.

Registrars come to us with a wealth of knowledge. They remain at Potterells for a year, putting the finishing touches to their experience so that they can leave here fully independent GPs. We are proud that a number of our Registrars are now local GPs working in other practices nearby.

Since 2009 we have also welcomed other Specialist Trainees in General Practice. These Doctors are at a slightly earlier stage in their specialist training than the Registrars but are still experienced practitioners who are on a dedicated path to General Practice. Typically they have another 2 years of experience to go before they are fully independent GPs. They usually spend 4 months with us at Potterells.


As part of their training Doctors in training occasionally video their consultations. This is done for training purposes or for assessment of the Doctor ONLY. You can be assured of the usual professional confidentiality. Your written consent before and after such consultations will be requested. You are under no obligation to participate. If you do agree to participate you will be helping to ensure excellent standards of care from the upcoming generation of Doctors.