Practice staff

Medical Centre branch manager

Medical Centre branch manager - Mrs Sarah Newton

Administrative staff

Practice manager (Potterells)

Tracey Mostyn

Practice secretaries (Potterells)

The secretaries can follow up enquiries about referral letters, home visits and the like. Referrals to private hospital consultants should be arranged through an appointment with a GP, and please allow 3 clear working days from this time for referral letters to be ready.

Reception staff

The receptionists are your link with the rest of the practice. They may need to ask you medical details in order to work effectively. All information given to them is treated in confidence. We are proud to have a great team of efficient and courteous receptionists, however please be aware that they have a very tough job trying to balance the needs of all. We therefore insist that they are in turn treated in a courteous manner. Abusive or violent behaviour towards a staff member will prompt removal from the list.