About Regional and Local History

Regional and Local History at Hertfordshire is a lively community of scholars interested in a wide variety of topics related to regional and local history.

We offer a stimulating environment of expertise and a base for postgraduate students to share their knowledge and skills.

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We have two book series, published by the University of Hertfordshire Press:

  • Studies in Regional and Local History
  • Explorations in Local and Regional History, in collaboration with the University of Leicester

We are also one of the editors of a major journal, in collaboration with the University of Lincoln:

  • International Journal of Regional and Local History, published by Taylor & Francis

We actively seek good quality proposals and submissions to our publications - contact us for more details on how to submit.

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What is local and regional history?

As we are based in Hertfordshire, we naturally have expertise in the history of the Hertfordshire region and its surrounds. But we also welcome wider and comparative research in any region, including:

  • social, economic and demographic history of small settlements, towns and regions.
  • political and cultural history of small settlements, towns and regions.
  • the interactions between town and country, urban and rural, centre and periphery.
  • the interactions between the regions and metropolis, notably the Home Counties and London.
  • theories and geographies of the 'local' and the region.
  • methods and methodologies of studying the region and local history.

Grants and awards

Members of the Centre have been successful in winning grants to support research in local and regional history from:

  • AHRC
  • Heritage Lottery
  • British Academy
  • Economic History Society