The Discrete Mist

The Discrete Mist. Giving Physicality to Discreteness

Dr Silvio Carta

The Discrete Mist is a project that explores the use of discrete elements in the digital design environment.
This project combines the use of algorithms, digital processes, and fabrication through 3D printing techniques to build complex shapes, like those of clouds, mist, drizzle or fog. The Discrete Mist gives shape to atmospheric elements and - as technique - can be used to materialise intricate forms and configurations. Due to its parametric nature, this process can be applied to a variety of scales, from jewellery to large objects. The configuration can be expanded or shrunk, and gives total flexibility in choosing the number and position of the nodes, and length of the pipes. The system is perfectly calibrated, allowing for automatic (scripted) adjustments of shape, structure, and amount of material to support any desired change of the shape.