Digital Hack Lab Design Symposium 23 October 2019

Call for papers

The Persistence of Vision;

Creativity, Design & Business in a world of everything.

The 4th Digital Hack Lab Symposium invites academics and industry to engage, examine and expand our understanding of the digital landscape to dissolve boundaries that exist between creative and non-creative disciplines.

The Design Research Group / Digital Hack Lab symposium

October 23rd 2019 in the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire

The theme of this year’s DHL Symposium will be how digital tools impact on creativity, design and business.

Content is apparently the new currency and ideas form the foundation of the new economy. Creative research brings these ideas to the table by visualising this emerging industry and its application to business as it prepares for the future.

We believe that collaboration requires all involved to re-think the way they think, be adaptive to approaching things differently to creating solutions to complex issues. This outward facing approach encourages diversity that is forward thinking and challenges the norm.

With this in mind, we welcome presentations, discussion and debate that challenge current thought, offer innovative and exciting solutions to existing and emerging issues that impact on research and industry practice alike.

Proposed topics:

The use of data

Circular economy models

Manufacture and materials

Digital tools a processes

If you would like present a paper please submit a 250 word abstract by September 27th 2019

If you would like to attend please contact Nick Thomas at

Includes a new edition of the well received Hack Journal, Hack 19.

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