Photography - Regina Barlett

The MODUSHELTER is a modular and innovative construction system for habitat combining sustainable materials with 3D printing technologies designed by Antoine Proust during his Master studies at the University of Hertfordshire.

This live research project is focused on the creation of sustainable shelters for refugee camps that improves the living conditions and welfare of inhabitants during emergency situations. The project is involving the use of emerging technologies such as drones, large scale additive manufacturing (3D printing) and Virtual Reality equipment.

The proposition is that the modular nature of the design will result in the ability to create singular units that offer suitable shelter, with the possibility to evolve them into compounds of several houses, as required. Reconstructing communities rather than camps, it will contribute in raising the living standard for emergency situations by promoting a sense of ownership, physiological comfort and emotional safety.

Modushelter Technical Drawing

Its modularity will promote creativity allowing the refugees to design their own living space adapted to their need.The flexibility of the system able to generate other kinds of constructions such as sanitation facilities, schools, common rooms, places of worship, ...

A team of students from the organisation Enactus is currently working together with Antoine to produce a 1:2 scale 3D printed prototype before printing a full scale shelter which will be tested in real life conditions.

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