Directed Acyclic Graphs

Improve your DAG pre-processing

We have developed an adaptive framework that can greatly improve the way you pre-process Directed Acyclic Graph (DAGs) to answer reachability and least upper bound lookups for vertex pairs in constant time.

You can download and use the code for free to try it out, and you can see how much quicker it would be for your DAG than what you do at the moment. All we need in return is your feedback.

Adaptive pre-processing of Directed Acyclic Graphs

About the code

Our framework builds on the adaptive pre-processing algorithm for constant time reachability lookups...

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Try our source code for free

Try it for free

You can download the source code for the reachability/LCA framework and try it on your own DAGs as well...

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Send us your feedback

Send us your feedback

Let us know how you used the code. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing your views...

Send us your feedback