IAA Community Co-Production in Heritage grants 2nd call for applications. Deadline 15 May 2023

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Are you a community group, charity, company, heritage organisation, or local authority? Do you need support and expert advice to work together to produce research about the heritage of your community or place?

The University of Hertfordshire Heritage Hub is seeking project partners in heritage who could benefit from funding for small projects, seedcorn pilot schemes, or supplementing larger grants (e.g. Lottery Heritage Fund projects).

This is the second call for applications for the University of Hertfordshire Co-Production Heritage Awards. These are funded as part of a major UKRI Impact Acceleration Award, awarded to the University in 2022. They are available to external partners working in collaboration with University of Hertfordshire researchers connected to our Heritage Hub and its component elements, the Oral History Team and Heritage for Business.

Co-production in research is the process of conducting research with people and groups from outside the academic community. It may encompass identifying research questions, design and priority setting, governance, co-delivery of research activities, communication of key findings and involvement in knowledge exchange.

For more details of the definition of co-production in research, see the UKRI guidelines:


Projects must be demonstrably involve co-production in heritage research with at least one external partner who must have already committed to the project.

Project costs up to £7,500 can be used for any activities that contribute directly to impact-generation and community co-production of research. These might include:
* Travel and subsistence for meetings and research trips
* Printing and design of outputs (such as exhibition boards, publications)
* Meeting room hire
* Employment of a Research Assistant through UH
* Teaching Replacement costs (only with explicit prior agreement from Head of Subject and ADR)

Project costs cannot include laptops and computer software, or any staffing or non-project related costs of the external partner. The project budget will be held at, and managed by, UH.

We welcome proposals for small projects costing less than the maximum award.

How to apply

The academic partner and the external partner must work together in the application. If you need help to do this, contact Prof Katrina Navickas, director of the Heritage Hub, uh.heritage@herts.ac.uk

We are holding a grant-writing workshop at De Havilland Campus/hybrid online on Monday 17 April, 2pm-3pm. 

Work with your partner to design a project that will last between one to twelve months. Remember that these are awards for co-produced research projects, and not for consultancy, grants or subsidy towards existing activity. Costs may cover any relevant expense up to a total of £7,500, but cannot include staffing. Budgets will be held at and managed by the University.

UH staff - the full details and application form is available on HertsHub on the UH Research Pages - https://herts365.sharepoint.com/sites/UHResearch


The project team must include at least one member of UH staff with responsibility for research (0.2 allocated for research in your contract), and at least one external partner. The project should fall within the AHRC remit (see the UH IAA website for details) and form part of the Heritage, Cultures and Communities research theme.

The external partner is usually a non-Higher Education institution such as a heritage organisation, a community group, local authority body, private company, or charity. They must include a statement of their commitment to the project in the application.

The academic partner should submit the application by 15 May 2023. Successful applications will be announced in early November and work should begin within 6 months of the award.