Film Heritage event

Film heritage event 11 May 2023 screen
Film Heritage event, 11 May 2023. Photo by Jane Otumunye.

On 11 May 2023, Heritage Hub held a taster event for the new strand in Film Heritage at the Enterprise Hub.

We heard talks by strand leader Dr Sam George, a report on the Visit Herts Herts Camera Action! project by Prof Katrina Navickas and Liz Currie, an address by Dr Stephen Partridge, a talk from Howard Berry on his work at Elstree studios, and a UH graduate panel from the film industry.

Contact to join the Film heritage strand. All UH researchers and external partners working in film heritage welcome.

Howard Berry and graduates at the film heritage event
Howard Berry and UH graduates at the Film heritage event, Enterprise Hub, 11 May 2023
Yanina speaking to the film heritage event
Yanina Aubrey-Gimenez of the Enterprise Team introducing the event.
Katrina Navickas and Liz Currie speaking to the Film heritage event
Katrina Navickas and Liz Currie showcase the outputs of Herts Camera Action! for Visit Herts
Stephen Partridge speaking to the film heritage event
Stephen Partridge, Dean of Creative Arts
people collaborating and networking at the film heritage event
networking at the Film heritage event
Film heritage event group photos
Group photos at the Film Heritage Event. Research Assistant Jane Otumunye bottom right.