8 October 2019

Afternoon Research Seminars in St Albans

Research Seminars

The St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society runs a series of seminars in the winter terms at its Library in St Albans.

In Spring 2019, the Society introduced a new series of research seminars, coordinated by Kate Morris. The first programme ran from February to May 2019. Its success has led to the 2019/20 programme outlined below.

Each seminar covers a specific topic. No prior knowledge of the topic is required for participation - only the willingness of participants to join in discussion with questions or relevant contributions from their own research.

Seminars take the form of a short presentation on a topic currently being researched. This is followed by informal discussion and debate, which could lead to further individual or group research.

For those with little research experience, it is an opportunity to learn more about sources available for their own fields of interest as well as sparking interest in topics they may not yet have considered. It is also a good opportunity to meet others who are doing, or would like to do research into local history in its multitude of aspects.

Seminars take place at the Society’s Library at Sandridge Gate.

They are held on Thursday afternoons, 2.30 to 3.30 pm and are free to members. Non-members are welcome for a fee of £5.

2019-2020 programme

This is the outline of the programme. For full programme details of all lectures and seminars, afternoon and evening see  'Forthcoming events'.

24 October: Freight traffic on the St Albans turnpike - Fabian Hiscock

21 November: Maps - Frank Iddiols

12 December: Water pumps – Brian Adams

23 January: Origins of the Press – Ruth Herman

20 February: Straw hats – Anne Wares and Jon Mein

19 March: The Poor Law in St Albans, 1895 to 1914 - Tony Dolphin

Future seminars

Please send expressions of interest to Research Seminars

These could include topics of interest to be covered or willingness to lead a future seminar on a topic you are researching, or

any questions or suggestions you may have about the form and nature of the sessions.

Details can be found on the Society’s website.

Suggestions by potential presenters, and requests to attend should be sent to Kate Morris

Image courtesy of Donald Munro, Hon Librarian.