UHArts is delighted to present Form and Flux – an exhibition of Simeon Nelson’s works including new sculpture, text and film.

The exhibition showcases abstract laser cut artworks and film alongside compositions made from vinyl text and free-standing video works– inspired by the artist’s ongoing interest in Process philosophy. Process philosophy sees everything as an event in a world of constant change; Nelson’s connected and evolving forms explore this idea of continual movement.

Large laser-cut plywood sculptures, such as Daimon (2019) and Holarchy (2019), use a limited colour palette to emphasise the repeating structures. The forms Nelson uses organise themselves into geometric patterns which suggest they are components of a larger network. Building on his research over the last 20 years into quantum science, chaos theory and complex systems theory, he envisions a world of interrelated events and ceaseless flux.

Across the Art and Design Gallery walls these artworks create interrelated patterns, suggesting they could encompass the space. These works are inspired by similar themes to Nelson’s larger sculptural pieces and outdoor installations, such as Cosmoscope (2016-7) which was exhibited at Lumiere festivals in Durham and London, and is currently part of Moonscapes, Watt’s Gallery Surrey.

As both an artist and Professor of Sculpture (School of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire), Nelson’s interdisciplinary art practice focuses on relationships between science, society and the natural world. He collaborates with musicians and programmers, and he has recently worked with Artichoke, Arts Council England and Wellcome Trust.

Opening Event

16:00 - 17:30, Tuesday 30 April 2019

Art and Design Gallery, College Lane Campus.

All Welcome.

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