Decorating… transform domestic/DIY/gardening materials, such as kitchen towel, grease-proof paper, bin liners and bird seed into magical crafted events. Decorating… builds on her practice that spans two decades.

Decorating… is a spin off performance from her work, 'Not a decorator...' that was first exhibited and performed at SIA Gallery (Sheffield) in 2017, before touring to Castlefield Gallery in 2017 and John Hansard Gallery 2018.

Watts’s performances involve the artist experimenting with the designed qualities of the items manipulating them into magical events. Her gestures unlock the beauty and the spectacular in what are otherwise everyday domestic items – items that are laden by the meanings embedded into them. Revealing the sublime in the everyday by employing repetition and routine as her methodology Watts performances reveal alternative uses for these loaded materials – and in turn transforms the function or the ‘job’ they’re associated with.