Inside the Art Collection features highlights from the University of Hertfordshire Art Collection, some of which were on display for the first time since their acquisition. It showcases a variety of approaches to art-making and provides a new perspective for viewing the works in a gallery setting, and an opportunity to share personal thoughts and reflections on the Art Collection.

The Art Collection plays an essential role in student experience and contributes to the wellbeing of all on campus, while also connecting with the local community. One of the Collection’s founding principles is to integrate artworks into the public spaces that our students, staff and visitors inhabit –encouraging people to slow down and connect with art.

Comprising over 500 artworks, the Art Collection is wonderfully eclectic – featuring impressive external sculptures and a portfolio of paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, ceramics and mixed-media works. The  artworks are dispersed in publicly accessible sites across the College Lane and de Havilland Campuses, as well as Bio Park and Fielder Centre. It seeks to enhance the university environment by introducing modern and contemporary art in places where people study, work and visit.