Join the de Havilland Philharmonic for an afternoon of classic music from the movies! Enjoy your favourite John Williams’ themes from films such as Star Wars and Harry Potter. The suites from Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings and Hans Zimmer / Klaus Badelt’s Pirates of the Caribbean keep us firmly in the genre of modern film music. But we’ll also be exploring classic early film music in Erich Korngold’s Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and the concert will feature a rare chance to hear Richard Addinsell’s classic ‘Warsaw Concerto’ from the 1941 British film ‘Dangerous Moonlight’.


Howard Shore – Lord of the Rings Suite

John Williams – Suite from Star Wars

John Williams – Harry Potter Suite

Erich Korngold – Suite from The Adventures of Robin Hood

Richard Addinsell – Warsaw Concerto

Zimmer / Badelt – Pirates of the Caribbean Suite