In this series of collage workshops inspired by the interplay between art, architecture and nature, artist Sarah Evans invites you to propose new interventions in public spaces.

Is there an overlooked space between the houses or flats near you?
A parade of shops devoid of nature? 
This is inspired by themes in Krijn de Konings installation at The Gibberd Garden.

Take a photo and print out in black and white, or just make-along with found images from a magazine or newspaper, and experiment with improvisational collage techniques.

No need to book, just join us for this free session on Instagram and make-along in the comfort of your own home.

Things you will need

  • Black and White A4 print out - of a photo of your town, a street view, buildings or open spaces. (Or a found image of an outdoor urban/residential area.)
  • Old magazines
  • Images of nature for collaging (plants, trees etc)
  • Scissors (or craft knife and mat)
  • White A4 paper and Black biro

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