To celebrate National Social Media Kindness Day, we are pleased to present the work of Suman Gujral.

During the Pandemic, an unpleasant incident on Facebook which made Suman feel isolated and vulnerable, led to a conversation which she says 'can only be described as healing'. The day after this she wrote her first poem in 44 years and hasn't stopped since.

Poetry has been a fantastic way for Suman to process tough times while also connecting with others, these connections led to the development of Collectively Kind, a collective of South Asian women artists.

About Suman Gujral

Suman Gujral is best known as a visual artist, specialising in printmaking, working with paper to record lives; focusing on the fragility and vulnerability of migrants their stories.

Suman emigrated here in 1965, aged 3, only 17 years after the 1947 Partition of India permanently displaced her parents. As an immigrant and descendant of refugees, stories about dislocation, and loss resonate with her.

For more information on the work of Suman please visit her website and via her Instagram: