For QB-Move, we were commissioned by Channel 4's Gadget Man to produce a microhome for a programme on downsizing. Unlike QB2, QB-Move has got reconfigurable interior space, making use of moveable walls (courtesy of our friends at Bruynzeel Storage Systems). You can see the film of presenter, Richard Ayoade, showing comedian Jimmy Carr around QB Move.

We'll be selling the Gadget Man house, QB-Move (i.e., the actual one that appeared on the programme). Please contact us if you are genuinely interested in purchasing it. To give a rough idea, it will cost between £15k and £25k depending on the level of finish required.

We will also be developing the idea in further compact buildings: specifically, we will be developing a single-level, 6mx3m building with moving walls, which will be more suitable than QB2 for people with movement difficulties. Please contact us if you would like more information.