How to write a nomination

Top tips for a successful nomination

  • Woman writing a nomination.Give yourself enough time to write the nomination - don't leave it to the last minute.
  • Choose the most appropriate category for your nomination - read the award descriptions carefully before selecting the category for your nomination.
  • State clearly - at the beginning or your nomination - why you think your nominee deserves to win. You can reiterate this at the end of your nomination as well.
  • Back up your reasons with examples and evidence of why your nominee deserves to win.
  • Submit your nomination to just one category - putting the same nomination into multiple categories will not improve your nominees' chances of winning a prize.
  • Get your nomination in on time!

Nominating yourself or canvassing support amongst your colleagues and friends is against both the rules and the spirit of these awards.

Make your nomination count

To give your chosen candidate the best chance of winning a Vice-Chancellor’s Award, think about what you want to say when you write your nomination. Remember to outline the reason for your nomination, what your candidate has achieved and why you think this person should win.

Here are a few examples* of nominations that have been submitted in the past:

  • Example 1

    Adam is an outstanding lecturer whose unique style and enthusiasm make every lesson enjoyable, engaging and fun – while still challenging his students. His lectures mix informality with a real professionalism, encouraging students to ask questions and become immersed in their subject.

    Regardless of the subject of his lecture, Adam always has fun and innovate ways of demonstrating concepts and observations meaning students can experience things first hand. This practical approach lets them apply complex theories, developing a lasting understanding of what they’ve learnt.

    Adam leaves a lasting impression on every student he meets, whether they’ve been taught by him or not. He really is an extraordinary, kind and caring man.

  • Example 2

    Clare and Richard have been amazing in helping not only me, but other students through the development programme, generously sharing their time, knowledge and experience. They work full-time for the University alongside their postgraduate studies but still find the time and energy to mentor me. Together they have really helped me grow in confidence which, in turn, has made me realise my own potential.

    Their tireless commitment and support has inspired and motivated many other students, allowing us to strengthen study skills and overcome any personal barriers that we are faced with. I honestly feel I couldn’t have achieved the grades I did without their fantastic support, and can’t thank them both enough for guiding me through my studies.

  • Example 3

    This team has pioneered technologies based on interdisciplinary and collaborative research with a diverse range of business and research partners. Their ground-breaking work spans multiple areas within their field and is seeing commissions coming in from all over the world.

    Academic and governmental organisations from the UK, USA, Europe and Japan are asking the Group to develop advanced instruments, and its international research reputation is incredibly strong. This growing commercial licensing of the Group’s outputs, both at home and overseas, really is an exemplar for our business-facing university.

  • Example 4

    Racheal is an inspirational manager who’s created an environment in which her team can really thrive. She believes in chances for everyone and gives people the space, support and encouragement to aim high.

    Her energy and commitment make her a role model for hard work and self-motivation. She’s focused on ensuring her team provide the best possible service to the University, but approaches this with a leadership style based on collaboration, trust, flexibility and humour. No matter how busy she is, she’ll always take time to support anyone who needs help.

  • Example 5

    Jane is described as an outstanding teacher and educator. She has made, and continues to make, a rich contribution to the educational experience of our students. Her commitment to cross-faculty work and the creation of a project involving students and staff has been one of the many successful and unique ideas she had introduced.

    In this innovative, collaborative project students were employed as researchers. Under Jane’s guidance they conducted primary research on issues related to learning and teaching and feedback. They then worked with staff to resolve them. The project was described as “a model of how staff and students can work together within higher education, simultaneously breaking down barriers to learning while giving students the opportunity to develop significant research, life and employability skills.

    A second year student was quoted as saying: "Jane made it easy for us to work together. She is energetic, kind and friendly. She broke down the barrier from the very beginning - that was the main thing that allowed us all to work together."

* Examples are adapted from actual nominations. All names have been changed for the purpose of providing examples.

Nominations are now closed.