Studies in Regional and Local History

This major series is under the general editorship of Professor Jane Whittle at the Department of History, University of Exeter.

It is designed to make high quality, specialist academic texts available to a wider audience at affordable prices.

Books to explore

  • Histories of People and Landscape

    Editor: Richard W. Hoyle

    Format: Hardback

    Essays on the Sheffield region in memory of David Hey


  • Lichfield and the Lands of St Chad

    Author: Andrew Sargent

    Format: Paperback

    This book focuses on the period from the seventh to eleventh centuries that witnessed the rise and fall of Mercia, the great Midland kingdom, and, later, the formation of England.

  • Shaping the Past

    Editor: Evelyn Lord , Nicholas R. Amor

    Format: Paperback

    The essays in this Festschrift are offered as a token of esteem and affection by colleagues, friends and students of David Dymond. They consist of new research on aspects of local history from the medieval period to the twentieth century, with a particular focus on Eastern England.

  • A Lost Frontier Revealed

    Author: Alan Fox

    Format: Paperback

    Regional separation in the East Midlands.

  • A Pleasing Prospect

    Author: Shani D'Cruze

    Format: Paperback

    Social change and urban culture in eighteenth-century Colchester.


  • A Prospering Society

    Author: John Hare

    Format: Hardback

    Wiltshire in the later Middle Ages

  • Bread and Ale for the Brethren

    Author: Philip Slavin

    Format: Paperback

    The study of the food supply of late-medieval conventual households sheds much light on the wider process of decline and eventual collapse of direct demesne management in particular, and feudalism in general, in the post-Black Death era.

  • Cambridge and its Economic Region

    Author: John S Lee

    Format: Hardback

    This book examines the relationship between a town and its region in the late medieval period. The population, wealth, trade and markets of Cambridge and its region are studied and the changes that took place over a century of economic and social transition are detailed.


  • Communities in Contrast

    Author: Sarah Holland

    Format: Paperback

    This book investigates what a case study of a northern market town and its rural hinterland can tell us about village differentiation, exploring how and why rural communities developed in what was chiefly an industrial region and, notably, how the relationship between town and country influenced rural communities.


  • Cultural Transition in the Chilterns and Essex Region, 350 AD to 650 AD

    Author: John T Baker

    Format: Ebook

    This book compares the archaeological evidence from the fourth to seventh centuries AD in the Chilterns and Essex region with the considerable body of place-name data from the same area. Included in the study are the counties of Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Essex, and parts of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

  • Custom and Commercialisation in English Rural Society

    Editor: James P Bowen , A.T. Brown

    Format: Paperback

    This book has an intentionally broad chronological span, ranging from the thirteenth century through to the eighteenth, exploring the interactions between custom and commercialisation during a key period in the economic development of English rural society.

  • From Hellgill to Bridge End

    Author: Margaret E Shepherd

    Format: Paperback

    Aspects of Economic and Social Change in the Upper Eden Valley 1840-95


  • Land and Family

    Author: John Mullan , Richard Britnell

    Format: Paperback

    Trends and local variations in the peasant land market on the Winchester bishopric estates, 1263-1415.

  • Out of the Hay and Into the Hops

    Author: Celia Cordle

    Format: Paperback

    Hop cultivation in Wealden Kent and hop marketing in Southwark, 1744–2000

  • Peasant Perspectives on the Medieval Landscape

    Author: Susan Kilby

    Format: Paperback

    This compelling new study forms part of a new wave of scholarship on the medieval rural environment in which the focus moves beyond purely socio-economic concerns to incorporate the lived experience of peasants.

  • Poor Relief and Community in Hadleigh, Suffolk, 1547-1600

    Author: Marjorie Keniston McIntosh

    Format: Paperback

    At the cutting edge of 'the new social and demographic history', this book provides a detailed picture of the most comprehensive system of poor relief operated by any Elizabethan town.


  • Rethinking Ancient Woodland

    Author: Tom Williamson , Gerry Barnes

    Format: Paperback

    This important volume will be essential reading for all those interested in the history of the English countryside, nature conservation and environmental history.

  • The World of the Small Farmer

    Author: Patricia Croot

    Format: Paperback

    This detailed and original study of early-modern agrarian society in the Somerset Levels examines the small landholders in a group of sixteen contiguous parishes in the area known as Brent Marsh.