We are thrilled to be hosting a talk by exhibiting artist Graham Boyd, whose show, Volatile Creatures, runs throughout the summer in the Art + Design Gallery.

In the accompanying artist’s talk, Boyd will talk through his inspiration and share how his practice continues to grow in his ninth decade.

The artist will discuss key moments in his career and their influence on his work. One standout event was attending Triangle workshop in America run by Sir Anthony Caro in the 1980s. This led to a shift from his ordered New Hampshire Grids of the 1970s to impressive, large, colourful paintings of the 1980s. He will also discuss the influence of these periods in his most recent work.

Graham Boyd continues to work from his Hertfordshire studio. Boyd is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Hertfordshire and was Head of Painting and Course Leader in Fine Art at Herts College of Art and Design from 1976 to 1993 (which is now the University of Hertfordshire).

Graham Boyd’s paintings are also in the UH Art Collection and can be seen on campus.