Maria’s workshop invites you to work with collage and pattern to create a ‘nature mandala’ wallpaper for your mobile or computer.

The artist will share a brief history of mandalas and how contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst and Andy Goldsworthy have used them. You will create nature mandalas with found natural objects collected beforehand and then photograph them using mobile phones.

This workshop will invite you to connect with the Earth through observation. Collecting and photographing is a way of engaging with nature and grounding ourselves in the moment. The photographs will be transformed into more permanent art or desktop wallpaper images.

You will need:

  • Natural materials get a selection to create your pattern e.g. sticks, leaves, feathers, pebbles, shells, flowers etc. (Try to get at least 5 - 30 of each)
  • A flat, plain surface to work on (as this will form part of your image)
  • Scissors (optional)
  • A phone camera (or another digital camera)
  • A computer and a way of putting the images onto the computer (e.g. wire or Bluetooth)


After the workshop, you are invited to share what you have made with the hashtag on Instagram #UHArtsMandalas.

Find out more about Maria Meyers residence here: Grounding us to Earth through the Digital


Maria Meyer is a multi-disciplinary artist in the final year of the Fine Art MA at The University of Hertfordshire. Meyer's current work draws from the ideas of Cubism and Ready-mades, but is characterised by a contemporary digital aesthetic.

Meyer has and sells work to international collectors online and exhibitions include at Masons Yard Gallery, Mayfair, London (2019), Surface Gallery, Nottingham (2020) and has a solo show in summer 2021 at Broadway Gallery, Letchworth.