A comprehensive exhibition of photographs never before seen in the UK, providing a window into life on the homefront and showing Germans struggling with the everyday privations of war.

These extraordinarily beautiful and detailed photographs were produced by Käthe Buchler a middle-class wife and mother, and an exceptionally talented amateur photographer. The exhibitions also includes a small selection of Autochromes, photographs made using the world’s first commercially available colour process.

The exhibition presents a fascinating tableau for those interested in Twentieth Century German history, the history of the First World War, for photography enthusiasts and for those interested in the emergence of photography as a widely disseminated mass participation activity.

Touring exhibition

Beyond the Battlefields is a touring exhibition co-organised by the University of Hertfordshire Galleries, Photomuseum Braunschweig and the AHRC funded First World War Engagement Centres at the University of Birmingham and the University of Hertfordshire, for more information visit the: