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  1. Terms and conditions - University of Hertfordshire Arts

    children aged 16 and under. person with a disability (carers receive a complimentary ticket). ... Children under 18 months are permitted when suitable. Please telephone in advance to check.

  2. Workshops - University of Hertfordshire Arts

    Performances are extended through creative workshops for children and their families, held before or after the main presentation. ... For over 10 years children’s author and illustrator James Mayhew has collaborated with the orchestra to paint illustrations live on stage while the orchestra play.

  3. The Cory Band in Concert

    The Cory Band in concert with Hertfordshire County Youth Brass

    3 April 2022

    Event details

  4. 3D Collage

    1 January 2020

    Event details

  5. Performing and visual arts for schools - University of Hertfordshire Arts

    Children of all ages are encouraged by and learn through the power of visual and performing arts. ... Especially for school children, UHArts offer:. performances. talks. workshops. We deliver our programme both on campus and in school settings.

  6. Beyond the Stars

    Kristie Louise Dance Academy

    29 May 2022

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  7. Artistic proposals - University of Hertfordshire Arts

    We are particularly well known for our children’s theatre work. We are keen to look at proposals, which engage with the local community, and those in which our students can

  8. Flower Collage

    Create a collage taking inspiration from a flower in bloom, with artist Sarah Evans

    1 April 2021 - 1 May 2021

    Event details

  9. Genre/Nostalgia 2021

    An online Film & TV conference exploring how genres and nostalgia are intertwined

    5 January 2021 - 6 January 2021

    Event details

  10. Nature Collage

    Take a walk in nature to create a collage with artist Sarah Evans

    1 April 2021 - 1 May 2021

    Event details

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