Philosophy, politics and economics

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Philosophy and religious studies

Here at the University of Hertfordshire, you won’t just be learning about philosophers and understanding their theories, you’ll be doing rigorous and creative thinking of your own. Our internationally regarded academics will help you learn to address the arguments of others, to understand and engage with them so that you can arrive at your own conclusions and create your own original work.

All our lecturers are active researchers, so you’ll share the excitement of doing original work in a supportive and highly-rated academic community.

Politics and international relations

Politics and international relations at the University of Hertfordshire will enable you to understand the central challenges that national and international politics face in the 21st century. You’ll gain an independent, critical and nuanced insight into global issues beyond simplifying news stories and one-sided political narratives.

Combining this contemporary focus with thorough training in all major areas of political science, you'll develop the knowledge and skills to question, analyse and discuss both what does occur in politics and what should occur in politics. This ability to break down, examine and problematise phenomena on an abstract level to find alternatives and possible solutions will be important and useful for many professional pathways.


You'll discover the vital role economics plays in shaping policy in companies, institutions and governments and gain a solid knowledge of economics and a rigorous understanding of the quantitative methods economists use in their analyses. You'll also learn how to apply economic principles to a wide variety of contemporary problems and use your quantitative skills in numerous professional situations upon graduation. You also have the opportunity to study abroad or spend a year in industry to enable you to gain valuable experience and enhance your career prospects.

Foreign languages

In the global world of today, we believe it is becoming increasingly important to study a second language. Speaking a second language, as well as having a qualification, will give you a competitive edge when job hunting. We offer a choice of five languages and most of our courses offer the possibility to study one.

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