Mathematics and physics

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Explore the fundamental theories of physics and gain new skills to understand the world in terms of forces and particles in small or complex systems. You’ll learn to comprehend everything from the streamlined shape of dolphins to the quantum encryption of messages. Our curriculum is informed by our world-leading physics research, which covers areas such as the microphysics of air quality, atmospheric physics, light scattering, quantum optics and mathematical physics.


Astrophysics is the study of the physical processes that shape the structure and evolution of the universe. This course seeks to provide answers to fundamental questions about the origin and evolution of stars, planets and galaxies, as well as the Universe itself. On our BSc(Hons) Astrophysics degree, you’ll study the cosmos in all its wonder, gaining a detailed physical understanding of how the Universe works. We put a lot of emphasis on understanding the physical and mathematical principles behind astrophysical phenomena.


Mathematics holds the key to advances in virtually all areas of our lives, from finance to computing, logistics to medicine and travel to weather forecasting. If you’re looking for a career that involves shaping technological or scientific progress, mathematics is an ideal degree for you. What’s more, our flexible course allows you to specialise in whichever area of mathematics interests you most. This is your chance to immerse yourself in modern mathematics, gain fundamental knowledge and become confident in mathematical and statistical skills. You'll also benefit from support from our friendly team who deliver a personalised approach in small group tutorials alongside your lectures, ensuring you reach your full potential.

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