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Subject intro

Design crafts

Our design craft courses place a heavy emphasis on practical workshops to enable you to establish and refine your understanding of the tactile properties of materials and how they can be manipulated to express your ideas. You’ll learn contemporary approaches to designing and making across a range of 2D and 3D media empowering you to produce a richly diverse range of artefacts.

Digital media design

This course explores the digital domain. Ranging from multimedia platforms and mobile devices to augmented and virtual realities. This enables you to experience a rich, hybrid area of study for the 21st century. By using practice-based approaches, and theory-led methodologies, the course aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become part of the digital revolution.

Fashion and fashion & fashion business

Fashion impacts upon all aspects of our lives and shapes our appreciation and understanding of the world around us. Our courses offer a commercially informed, creative and innovative design experience for tomorrow’s generation of fashion professionals. You’ll learn vital pattern-cutting skills in 2D and 3D, as well as core manufacturing abilities. You’ll also enhance your freehand and technical drawing and illustration skills using traditional and computer-aided design methods. As well as practical skills, you’ll explore the history of fashion and exciting innovations in contemporary design.

We offer one of the few fashion business degrees in the country where you’ll learn about the fashion industry from both a business and creative angle. You’ll graduate with a competitive edge. We’ll teach you everything we know about running a business and financial considerations, as well as practical and technical design skills to bring your creations to life. You may want to make fashion for the high street, the runway, or a boutique. Either way, your customer is key. You’ll study customer psychology and market trends. You’ll also explore the sustainability of the fashion industry and explore what type of contribution do you want to make. We’ll teach you about every stage of the fashion cycle from concept to sales.

Fine art

This course focuses on contemporary approaches to fine art and the practice and theories that inform it. You’ll be actively encouraged to explore your ideas through a range of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, video, installation, photography and digital media. Supporting you will be a team of internationally practising artists, each bringing their unique research, experiences and interests directly into their teaching.

Graphic design and illustration

Our graphic design courses are driven by a desire to develop graduates that are ready for employment. We are committed to teaching you how to generate brilliant concepts and the skills required to execute them beautifully. You'll work on briefs to enable you to explore the widest definitions of contemporary graphic design by encouraging you to explore your own interests, be experimental and push the boundaries of the subject. Projects will focus on creating typographic and image-based solutions including posters, books, websites and films as well as packaging, identity and typeface design.

Illustration is a multi-award-winning course which will give you a thorough understanding of the commercial applications of the field. Our aim is to develop creative thinkers and visual communicators who aren’t confined by the conventional boundaries of the industry. Throughout your studies, you will be encouraged to think imaginatively to develop engaging and purposeful ideas, and to execute them to a high standard. Your first year is about core skills and finding the right pathway. Our teaching guides you to be creative, generate ideas and solve problems, with workshops in software, typography and printmaking to develop technical skills. Later, you will focus on professional projects, emphasising commercial constraints and expectations. You will also explore areas like digital design, interaction and motion graphics. In the final year, you’ll produce a high-quality portfolio to showcase your knowledge and skills to prospective employers.

Model design

All three of our model design courses share the same first year, giving you an excellent introduction to model making, prop making, sculpture and special effects. The courses emphasise the importance of 3D making leading to physical artefacts created through structured research and design; well-prepared written and verbal presentations; and computer literacy. You will benefit from outstanding links with industry and opportunities for high profile work experience for you to take advantage of.

Product and industrial design

This course provides an opportunity to experience and develop the skills and processes involved in the professional practice of product and industrial design. Approaches are centred around consumer goods, where issues covering everyday manufactured products are developed and explored. The course investigates the cultural, technical and commercial factors which influence the development of innovative new products, and introduces the creative and professional strategies which underpin design.

Foundation and extended degrees

If you are worried about getting the correct grades, you can also learn more about foundation and extended degrees for an alternative entry pathway into these courses.

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