Programmes starting before 26 September

We have several programmes starting from 5 September so makes sure you take a look through this page to discover everything you need to do before you get to Herts.

Complete the pre-arrival checklist

Your first step is working through our pre-arrival checklist so that you have completed everything before your first induction session.

Travelling to campus

Lots of our students will choose on-campus accommodation especially in their first year. But if you decide to commute like many of our students, we have plenty of information on what your travel options are including our Uno bus service, Park and Ride, or cycling. Make sure to check before you travel as some services such as Park and Ride will begin from 12 September.

You will also need to show your student ID card to get your discounted rate – so remember to download the Herts mobile app – it a virtual ID card that you can use for your first trip till you pick up your ID card from a Ask Herts Hub. Plus it has a map of campus so you can find your classroom.

If you decide to get the Uno bus – don’t forget to download the Uno app. It helps you plan your journey, buy tickets, and track your bus.

Pick up your student ID card

When you get to campus, make sure to pick up your student ID card from one of our Ask Herts Hubs. You’ll need it to register your attendance for classes, get access to buildings, such as our Learning Resources Centres, and to get the student discount rate on our Uno buses.

Get IT help

Visit our Welcome desk in our libraries, also called Learning Resources Centres (LRCs) where our staff will be available to help with library and digital related questions including how to connect to the Wi-Fi and setting up Office 365. They can also help you with how to find, use and source information for your assignments, projects, and exams.

The Welcome desks will be open from 10.00 to 17.00 from Monday 05 September.

Sign up to Library SkillUP

It can be daunting when you get your first assignment. Where do you even start? Well, that’s where Library SkillIUp comes in. It has everything to help you build your skills with researching, reading, writing, evaluating, and referencing. By learning this early on in your programme, you’ll find it much easier to focus on producing great assignments and avoid easy mistakes that could lead to academic misconduct.

There’s also an online chat from 10.00 to 16.00 on weekdays with any questions you may have. You can also make appointments with a member of the library team.

You can sign up to it on StudyNet by clicking on the link below and clicking on +Join this module.

Get involved

While you may feel you’ll only have time for your programme and placements, it’s important to also think about joining societies, sports clubs, and networks. It’s a great way to make friends, try new things and gain experience for your CV by becoming a student committee member. With over 100 societies covering including subject specific societies like law, nursing, midwifery, education, engineering to interest led groups like book club, baking and drama.

Wellbeing support

Starting at Uni can be challenging as figure out a new routine, get to grips with your programme, meet new people and settle in. It’s not surprising that it can feel overwhelming, but rather than trying to manage it by yourself, make sure you reach out to our Student Wellbeing team. Our counsellors and advisers are available to support you with any emotional, mental health, disability, and health related issues which you may experience throughout your time at University.