Returning students

Welcome back to Herts! Here you will find out what Uni will be like when you return and how to re-register for your new academic year.


You will need to follow the steps below to complete your registration as a returning student. Any delays could have an impact on when you get your student loan, so don’t forget!

What do I need to do?

  1. Student funding: make sure you have completed your application for funding through the Student Loans Company.
  2. Complete online registration (Stage 1): you will have received an email from us to tell you how to access your student record. Click the ‘Registration (Stage 1)’ link and follow the instructions to re-enrol.
  3. Login to your Student Record (Stage 2): once you have completed stage 1 registration, please allow 24 hours for the system to update overnight. You can then log into your Student Record to check that your status has updated to ‘Registered'.

Not received anything from us? Contact us

Get your student ID

Remember to brush off the dust on your student ID card and bring it with you when you’re back on campus. It’s your pass to Herts, giving you access to buildings and facilities, and helping to identify you. Your ID card is valid for the duration of your study with us, so you won’t be issued with a new one each year.

However, if you have misplaced or lost your ID card, please talk to our team about getting a new one.


Not sure what to do about accommodation? Get a room on campus!

By living on-campus, you have easy access to university facilities, and you’ll have lots of opportunities to meet new people. Plus, you only need a deposit of £100 and there are no guarantor requirements.

Get your timetable

As a returning student, you will be sent an email in late August inviting you to complete registration. Timetables will be released in early September and will be available on StudyNet. If your timetable isn’t there, make sure you have completed re-registration and remember to log into StudyNet after Wednesday 1 September to complete the final stage.

Still stuck? Contact the Ask Herts team who will be able to check your student record.

Getting started at Herts course

It can be difficult getting back into the rhythm of studying and following a routine after a summer break. Give our Getting Started at Herts online course a go. It’s a good chance to refresh your memory on what to expect on campus, and what kind of resources you will have access to support your studies.

Download the Canvas App in Google Play or Apple App Store to get easy access to your Gold-rated teaching materials.

You can also follow these simple steps to transfer your timetable into your own personal Google or Outlook calendar, so you’ll know where you need to be! If you have any other questions about your timetable visit AskHerts.

Getting connected

For those of our students who connect to eduroam, you may find you can’t connect when you’re back on campus. To connect, while you are on campus and connect to W-Fi or mobile data and enter your username (including and password into eduroam Windows 10 installer.

Protect your University account

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) adds another layer of security to your online accounts by verifying your identity using a second factor and prevents anyone but you from logging in. Even if they know your password. The second factor could be a push notification sent to an app on your phone or a code sent by SMS or a phone call.

All Herts students will need to set up multi-factor authentication for their University account.

What’s new this year

This September will be bigger than ever! The Students' Union are planning a full events programme that can be enjoyed by all our students, whether you're a newbie or a returner. From club nights to film nights and everything in between, there's something for everyone.

Come and join us for a warm welcome back to Herts!

Graduate with more than a degree

It might feel strange to think about life after you graduate, especially if you’re only just starting second year. But, it is useful to start preparing now for graduate employment by building up your experience and skills that can be demonstrated with our Go Herts awards.

Keeping you safe

We are excited to welcome back our students on campus and keeping you safe is our number one priority. We will continue with our enhanced cleaning regime, and we have assessed our ventilation systems and maximised the circulation of fresh air throughout our teaching facilities. We will continue to monitor Government guidance to make sure we keep Herts safe.

Students and staff will also be encouraged to wear a face covering while in busy areas such as corridors, food outlets, toilets, the LRCs, teaching rooms and shuttle buses.

As students, you play a big part in keeping our community safe, which is why we encourage you to get vaccinated and take regular at-home tests before coming to campus. It’ll mean there’s nothing stopping you from getting involved every bit of student life.