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Our approach to learning

As a campus-based University, our emphasis is on face-to-face teaching and this will continue ensuring we are following national safety guidelines to provide a COVID-19 secure environment. Where required, we will also be using technologies to deliver rich and high-quality teaching through guided-learning, live interactive sessions or pre-recorded content to give the best possible student experience.

Our goal is to provide you with our unique on-campus community experience which puts your health and wellbeing first. To do so, we are introducing some additional safety measures to your face-to-face learning experience.

Your timetabled sessions will still start promptly on the hour, so you will need to arrive 5 minutes before to make sure you are there on time, and you will need to leave the teaching spaces by ten to the hour. For example, if you start a one-hour class at 10:00, you will need to have left the room by 10:50. This will allow time for a smooth changeover between classes and prevent crowding outside of the rooms. It will also allow time for cleaning to take place.

All staff and students have a personal responsibility for following our recommended cleaning practices, observing social distancing requirements and adhering to any safety signage around the campus. We have outlined how this will work below:

At the start of the session

  • Arrive 5 minutes before the start time of the session
  • Observe any queuing or other social distancing signage
  • Take up seats furthest from the lecturer’s podium (‘fill from the back’)
  • Some seats will remain empty (clearly signed) so please only sit in the permitted seats.
  • Wipe your workspace with the cleaning products provided. Please take two wipes from a wipe dispenser and wipe down your desk and any equipment on it.  Please then clean your hands with the second wipe (you will dispose used wipes in the bins provided at the end of the session)
  • Do not move any furniture
  • Avoid eating and drink only lidded drinks
  • Do not enter the area marked out for the lecturer

At the end of the session

  • Do not cluster at the exit or front of the classroom
  • File out from the front and dispose of used wipes in the bins provided
  • Leave the classroom following our signage (e.g. corridor one-way systems)
  • Leave promptly (to ensure adequate time for the next occupants to clean their workspace)

Staff will also follow these guidelines and may wear a face visor. Please remember, you will be required to wear a face covering in your face-to-face teaching sessions. Find out more information about face coverings.

If you have any questions, please contact ask@herts.ac.uk

Getting ready to study at Herts

We have created a short online course to welcome new and returning students, providing some top tips for studying at University. The course will give returning students the chance to get reacquainted with StudyNet and new students an opportunity to become familiar with our online learning platform. The course includes stacks of advice and guidance about academic success and links to a wide range of support that you can tap into when you return for a new academic year.

You can access it here.