Rogerio Lelis Lino

Rogerio Lelis LinoLocation: Ireland
Program of study: BA Business Administration

The main reason I chose distance learning was because the University of Hertfordshire offers a high standard of teaching. I also appreciated how they approach their online students in order to make sure they're engaged and involved in the subjects during the BA Business Administration programme.

I learnt a lot and felt that I was being prepared for the job market because the subjects were related to contemporary issues in the modern world.

What I liked most about this online programme was the interaction between the online students and the University. The Online Module Leaders were there for me to help and assist me whenever I came across enquiries or doubts along the programme.

I was looking for a degree that could make a difference in my professional life and add value for my future career. The UH Online Business Administrative programme was one of the best investments I have made in my life!

As a result, I have upgraded my knowledge and boosted my career perspectives. The University of Hertfordshire gave me a lifetime opportunity to participate in person in a graduation ceremony at the Herts campus to receive my Bachelor Honours Business Degree, presented by one of the Heads at the University, in a fantastic and unforgettable ceremony.

The local UH staff were friendly and supportive all the way with an attention to detail to make sure that my special and proud day was just the beginning of a brilliant career ahead of me.

The University of Hertfordshire made me feel a well-educated online student in a globalised world.

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