Marco Catania

Marco CataniaLocation: Malta
Programme of study: BSc (Hons) Computer Science (online)

Undertaking the degree online allowed me to manage my time in a flexible and productive manner amid studying, working, as well as coping with other commitments.

The initial fear of any problems that are normally associated with distance learning might crop up, were soon over after familiarising myself with Studynet, the intuitive online study tool used at UH.

Furthermore, tutors and support staff were generally very cooperative, as well as willing to give assistance and guidance on both academic and logistic queries.

How has your online degree helped you?

I am currently employed as the Management Information Systems Officer of the Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Investment. The knowledge obtained through the degree gave me the confidence to carry out my job in a more professional way.

After a couple of months break from studying, in September I intend to enrol to a postgraduate course.

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