Joyce Rambapanesi

Joyce RambapanesiLocation: UK
Program of study: Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion

I am a community mental health nurse and have been a nurse since 2001.

Recovery is a subject that has been often discussed in practice during my years as a nurse but has never really or fully been implemented in practice.

How has your online degree helped you?

Since embarking on this online recovery course I must say I have learnt a lot on recovery.

The course has also enlightened me on how our practices as professionals can facilitate or hinder recovery. I am enjoying the course and am learning a lot module by module.

I would recommend that every practitioner be given the opportunity or even make it compulsory to do the initial module in recovery to enhance practitioners' understanding of truly recovery orientated practice.

I was initially sceptical about doing an online course but the staff are supportive and I particularly like the flexibility it provides. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to enhance their knowledge on recovery and make a difference to our clients' lives.

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