Frank Tyler

Frank TylerLocation: United Kingdom
Programme of study: BSc (Hons) Computer Science (online)

As a full time employee, online flexible study was the only way I could even contemplate taking this degree.

It allowed me to continue with my work and career albeit with a little compromise. For me this involved getting up earlier, giving up lunch hours and making various sacrifices with my social life.

I enjoyed the experience; there were only occasional times when I felt a little isolated, this mainly being in the early hours of the morning when things were not going well, but I think this is probably the same for all students, no matter what the method of study.

The tutors always gave great support and were very responsive to questions and queries; this supplemented by the various methods of online interaction with the rest of the group meant I never really felt on my own.

I do not feel compromised in the least that the degree was gained online, although I did take care during the selection process that the course was administered by a reputable organisation. If I were interviewing candidates for a job today, I would not hesitate in employing someone who has completed their degree in this way, as I know the effort and sacrifice they have had to make.

I would say the main differences to classroom led study, is that the student must be more self-motivated and proactive. It is a much less passive and more active exercise.
Course method, materials and timetable were promptly and clearly explained and the overall administration and method were excellent in their applicability to the course and in execution.

Anyone considering taking this path should expect to be stretched both in terms of time and intellect. It is not easy in either aspect. The course was tough and examining, but ultimately satisfying because of this.

How has your online degree helped you?

I am an independent Project Manager working in the IT industry. I was working before the degree and have continued to do so without a break. I have not continued my studies, although I will do in the future.

At some point I would like to lecture or teach and feel that this is a first step. It has though given me the confidence to take (and pass) a couple of additional vocational exams.

The big direct difference I have found is that I am satisfying the criteria for more positions and thus have the opportunity for more interviews. It has allowed me to get through the first filter from the job advert/agency, which is that the applicant must have a degree.

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