What support will I receive studying online?

Academic Support

When completing a distance learning degree with the University of Hertfordshire, you will have access to support and guidance throughout your online course from University tutors and staff.

Programme Tutor

Responsible for the course overall, you can approach the programme tutor throughout your online studies at the University of Hertfordshire.

You would speak to the programme tutor about things like:

  • Extenuating circumstances that you feel may affect your performance in the assignment.
  • Requesting an extension on submission of your assignment.

The programme tutor's responsibilities are:

  • Monitoring and advising on academic and practice progress.
  • Helping to set individual learning outcomes as necessary.
  • Giving support and guidance when appropriate.
  • Identifying when additional support and guidance on more specialist services is required and helping to arrange it.

Module tutor

For each online module you are enrolled onto, you will have a module tutor responsible for the academic support for that particular module. For example, you may get in contact with a module tutor to seek further information on an assessment or check your understanding on something you've recently learnt.

How support differs for postgraduate students

As a postgraduate student, you have access to support and guidance throughout your studies from a programme tutor. As postgraduate study is more advanced however, there is a greater emphasis on independent study. Tutors encourage you to develop your own understanding, reaching your own conclusions and approaches on concepts and theories. This is integral to postgraduate level study learning.

Technical support

Once you are a University of Hertfordshire student, you will be able to access technical support for standard hardware and software. Find out more about technical support.

Administration support

The UH Online administration team are here to support you from admission through to graduation and always aim to resolve any problems you may experience as quickly as possible, usually within two working days.