The life of a film critic

This talk focuses on the career and experiences of Pamela Hutchinson, a film critic, freelance writer, and film historian. With nearly 20 years of journalistic experience, from her extensive contributions to Sight & Sound, The Guardian, the BBC, Empire, and much more, Pamela shares her journey to become a successful film critic. Benefit from her tips on how to break into the industry, how to advance your career and find your niche.

About the speaker

Pamela Hutchinson is a freelance writer, critic and film historian. She specialises in silent and classic cinema and women in film. She is a regular contributor to  Sight & Sound, the Guardian, Empire, Criterion, Indicator and the BBC. Pamela has written essays for several edited collections and is the author of the BFI Film Classic on Pandora's Box and the editor of 30-Second Cinema (Ivy Press). She is a guest lecturer at the National Film and Television School, and a member of both Fipresci and the London Film Critics' Circle. She also writes the silent cinema website Silent London

Autumn 2020 series

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