Radio in prisons

This interview explores the benefits and challenges of prison radio. Find out how radio production skills are being used to aid reform in the prison community. Interviewed by Dr Jonathan Marsh, a journalism tutor at Herts and BBC radio producer, Donovan McGrath talks about the radio course he runs out of HMP Wandsworth prison. He shares the challenges and the successes, from teaching in a prison environment to the awards his students have won.

About the speakers

Donovan McGrath is the Media and Communications Lecturer at Novus, The Manchester College. He works in the Criminal Justice sector at HMP Wandsworth, where he teaches radio production in their award-winning 24-hour community radio station, Radio Wanno. Donovan also teaches Swahili at the University of London SOAS Language Centre. He has taught African World Studies and African Film Studies. Donovan is also the co-author of Colloquial Swahili (Routledge, 2003).

Autumn 2020 series

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