Psychology facilities


There are specialist Psychology laboratories for observational work, and HCI, in addition to laboratories for general research and for basic undergraduate work.

All the laboratories are supervised and supported by a team of highly-qualified technical staff. The Department is particularly well provided with sophisticated computers. There are separate resource rooms for undergraduates, postgraduate students and staff.

Undergraduate laboratory

This is a large teaching area with 46 Mac systems connected to the ethernet backbone. An AV facility consisting of a large projection screen system with connections to a computer, video playback and OHP system is provided to assist teaching and demonstrations.

Postgraduate laboratory

The postgraduate laboratory and group interaction lab are supported by IBM compatible pc systems and AV facilities as in the UG lab above.

We also have a number of dedicated experimental rooms to carry out student project and experimental work. Some of these are equipped with specialist integrated computer desks.

A range of software applications are utilised including statistical, word processor, databases, drawing, spreadsheets, graph, internet access, neural net, A.I. language etc.

HCI laboratory

The laboratory is connecting 10 Mac systems via ethernet to a server with specialist applications for small computer group work and projects

Observation laboratory

The observation laboratory is a CCTV unit comprising:

  • studio with remote controlled colour cameras
  • viewing area with a two-way mirror and comfortable waiting area

Control Centre

The Control Centre is well equipped with a sophisticated console for video and sound monitoring, recording and special effects e.g. split screens, titles etc.

Editing can be done on a three-machine editing suite for S-VHS, or Avid non-linear editing system with a specialised computer system. We are also now moving to the use of digital camera and recording technology.

The subject area is well equipped with a network of workstations, high quality printers and a range of computer systems linked to the control and monitoring of psychological equipment.