Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

The Doctorate in Clinical Psychology has been set up to prepare clinical psychology trainees to function effectively as clinical psychologists within the National Health Service (NHS) and in related settings.

The 3-year University of Hertfordshire Doctoral Training Course has recently been re-accredited by the British Psychological Society and re-approved by the Health Professions Council.

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Our Psychology staff

Psychology staff
Role Name
Programme DirectorDr Pieter Nel
Academic TutorDr Saskia Keville
Senior Clinical TutorDr Barbara Mason
Deputy Senior Clinical TutorDr Wendy Solomons
Clinical TutorDr Emma Karwatzki
Admissions TutorDr Tejinder Kondel
Senior Research Tutor Dr Helen Ellis-Caird
Research TutorDr Lizette Nolte
Research TutorKeith Sullivan
Programme AdministratorBen Hope
tel: +44 (0)1707 286322
DclinPsy Admin Assistant Catriona Roy 
tel +44 (0)1707 284486