Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Science staff

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Admission Tutors Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Science

CourseAdmission TutorCourse Details

BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science

Dr Michelle

MSc Pharmacovigilance

Dr Chris

MSc Regulatory Affairs with TOPRA

Laura Brown

Kay Platt



Dr Chris Beham

Dr Shereal Webley

Senior Management Team


Dr Stewart Kirton

Head of Department of Clinical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr David Griffiths

Team Leader, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr Chris Benham

Head of Pharmacology


Prof Andrew Hutt

Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Prof Darragh MurnaneAssociate Dean (Business and Enterprise) - Professor of Pharmaceutics
Prof Sam Salek

Professor of Pharmacoepidemiology

Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Mohamad Abou Shamat

Teaching and Research Associate, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr Paul Bassin

Principal Lecturer, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr Michelle Botha

Lecturer, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Deputy Programme Leader for Pharmaceutical Science

Dr Jesus Calvo-Castro

Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr Suzanne Fergus

Associate Professor Learning and Teaching and Principal Lecturer, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr Ute Gerhard

Programme Leader BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science and Senior Lecturer Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ilaria Passarini

Teaching and Research Associate, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr Sharon Rossiter

Principal Lecturer Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr Jacqueline Stair

Senior Lecturer, Pharmaceutical Chemistry



Mr Bharat Amlani

Senior Lecturer, Pharmacovigilance

Dr Mahmoud Iravani

Reader in  Neuropharmacology

Dr Christopher Keating

Senior Lecturer, Pharmacology

Dr Lisa Lione

Associate Professor (Research)

Ms Vesna Manieseva

Teaching and Research Associate, Pharmacology

Dr Sara Pritchard

Senior Lecturer, Pharmacology

Dr John Skaramauskaus

Senior Lecturer, Pharmacology

Dr Shori Thakur

Departmental Research Tutor and Principal Lecturer, Pharmacology

Dr Sherael Webley

Principal Lecturer, Pharmacology



Dr William McAuley

Head of the Research Centre in Topical Drug Delivery and Toxicology

Head of Pharmaceutics

Mubinah Beebeejaun

Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

Dr Mike Cook

Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

Dr Hassan Farah

Research Fellow

Dr Laxmi Kerai

Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

Dr Fang Liu

Associate Professor (Research)

Luca Livecchi

Teaching and Research Assistant

TC Okwuosa

Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

Beatrice Pecoraro

Reaching and Research Assistant

Dr Laura Urbano

Lecturer in Pharmaceutics