Resources to support students during summer 2020

There are many resources available online to help you not only succeed in your studies whilst you work from a distance, but also to protect your own wellbeing. Below is a non-exhaustive list you can refer to. Whilst many of the services listed are provided by UH, we do not control or necessarily endorse any of the external sites listed below but we hope they might be of help.

For further information about University level guidance on COVID-19 please see the University’s Covid-19 advice page.

Learning Resources

The University’s Online Library has been expanded and access made easier. Just log into StudyNet and click “Online Library”

Your local library service may have access to online materials for you. Hertfordshire Libraries gives free access to library card holders to:

  • Borrow Box (ebooks and audiobooks)
  • RBD Digital (magazines)
  • Both are available as Android, Kindle or iOS apps.

If you don’t live in Hertfordshire, check online to see what resources your local authority offers.

Wellbeing Support

The University have a number of different departments running social-distancing friendly events to support your mental, physical and social wellbeing. Offerings are being updated regularly so look out for updates from:

Externally, support is being offered by many organisations including, but not limited to:

Free Software

In addition to the software provided by UH (eg. Office365) some software developers recognise that this is a difficult time for students and have offered their programmes for free for a limited time, including:

  • QGIS – a free open source Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • LMS students have access to the FIKA Emotional Fitness app and this provides an extensive library of support that you may find helpful in dealing with the current changes we are all adapting to. Please download here:

Visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download the App - search for ‘The Fika App’ if the above links don’t work.

When installing the App, enter your UH email address/login id when prompted (e.g. A verification link will then be sent to your personal email address.

Once the email verification link is activated, access to all Fika content is enabled.

Video Streaming Services

Don’t forget, as a student of UH you have access to the following video streaming services for free:

  • LinkedIn Learning (formerly for online video tutorials and classes in various skills
  • Box of Broadcasts (BoB) - Record and stream programmes from any Freeview channel. Everything recorded by any user is stored for you to watch.
  • Mubi - Stream 30 curated movies each month

Don't forget, even though many parts of campus are closed, University staff are still working hard to support you. So please, don't hesitate to contact your Programme Leader, or any other member of staff, if you need help.