Poetry Hub


The Poetry Hub was founded in 2017 to encourage the development of poetry at the University of Hertfordshire and beyond. It is co-ordinated by Wayne Holloway-Smith.

Rachel Long, Mark Waldron and Jane Yeh are the new Poetry Fellows. They are available to work with anyone who is trying to develop their poetic work.

Rachel Long

Rachel Long is a poet & the founder of Octavia - Poetry Collective for Women of Colour, who are housed at Southbank Centre, London. Her work has featured in Magma, The London Magazine, and Modern Poetry in Translation. Rachel has taught at The Poetry School, The Poetry Society, Tate Modern, and The Arvon Foundation. She is co-tutor on the Barbican Young Poets programme.

Mark Waldron

Mark Waldron published two collections with Salt,The Brand New Dark in 2008 and The Itchy Sea in 2011his third, Meanwhile, Trees was published by Bloodaxe in 2016. He was selected as a Next Generation Poet by the Poetry Book Society in 2014.

Jane Yeh

Jane Yeh’s first collection of poems, Marabou, was shortlisted for the Whitbread, Forward, and Aldeburgh poetry prizes. She was named a Next Generation poet by the Poetry Book Society in 2014 for her second collection, The Ninjas. She has been a judge for the National Poetry Competition and the Troubadour International Poetry Prize, and is a Lecturer in Creative Writing at the Open University.

Poetry competition

The University of Hertfordshire Poetry Hub launched the Single Poem Prize in 2018 as part of its commitment to the promotion of contemporary poetics. Find out more about the Poetry competition and the previous winning entries.

Poetry surgery

On Wednesday 14 March 2018, The School of Humanities Poetry Fellow Mark Waldron held an open access Poetry Surgery, as part of the new activities initiated by The Poetry Hub. This was an opportunity, unique to the university, in which anyone who would like feedback on their poetry could book a slot with Mark, to discuss their work and gain the invaluable insight of one of the UK's leading voices. The event was successfully received by a number of students, every slot being filled within one week of its advertisement.

Mark Waldron said of this experience:

I really enjoyed working with the students at Herts. Saw inspiring work of a really high standard in a great range of really distinctive voices. I’m also very impressed to see the school investing in this kind of experience for their students.

Level 6 History and Creative Writing Student, Denis O’Malley said:

I found the poetry surgery with Mark Waldron hugely helpful. Having a fresh pair of eyes, from someone who doesn’t personally know you, read through your work and give you feedback helps to give you a brand new perspective on your work. Especially someone who is as highly regarded in his field as Mark. Even though you are showing your work to a stranger, the atmosphere is relaxed, which helps you feel more comfortable in what could be an anxious situation. Mark was very positive and had some insightful suggestions for minor changes that I would not have thought of, but which I feel have helped me make my poems stronger. I would highly recommend that anybody who has the chance take up the offer of any future surgeries.

For more information about the Poetry Hub and for future events, please contact Wayne Holloway-Smith