New Media Publishing

Do you want to do big things in advertising, public relations or journalism?

Studying at the University of Hertfordshire means doing real, hands-on work - whether it's creating a social media strategy for a non-profit, designing a website for an external client or making a video documentary for the Students' Union.

New media publishing will give you skills beyond traditional media jobs and prepare you for a new career in the creative industries.

These careers blend social media and content management with technical literacy and written and graphical communication skills, such as journalism with social media.

You will learn from lecturers who are media practitioners and who will share their experiences with you in the classroom.

Within the Mass Communications Programme, students can choose to combine their studies with Media Cultures in order to achieve one of the following degrees:

Within the Humanities Modular Programme, this subject can be combined with other subjects. Explore undergraduate degrees compromising of New Media Publishing.

What will I study?

We will help you to capture your creative vision on digital video, in computer animation, on a website or mobile device, and in photographs.

The subject is practice-based and all coursework based.

New media publishing is an area that focuses on the convergence of communication skills, creativity, and new technologies. We'll teach you to navigate a constantly changing world that has evolved beyond the traditional, as you develop skills in creative media production and learn to be a savvy media consumer.

Career opportunities

With a shortage of computer-literate, technically able graduates who can create layouts for print-based publications and produce quality web-based publishing, a course combining new media publishing is truly career enhancing.

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