Careers in History

We are proud to say that history students at the University of Hertfordshire have gone on to a wide variety of interesting and rewarding careers, including:

  • teaching
  • publishing
  • research
  • business management
  • civil service
  • museums
  • media

They work in all sorts of organisations, from the Institute of Historical Research to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, using the skills they have learnt here to make a real difference to their employers.

Studying history equips you with a broad set of analytical and interpretive skills recognised and valued by employers across a wide range of sectors including the media, civil service, business and law.

Building valuable experiences

To give your career the best possible start, we'll help you develop, define and express these skills.

Our History Group is also on hand to provide you with valuable work experience opportunities, which can be built into your degree assessment. These include the chance to work with organisations in the museum and heritage sector.

Many of our graduates also decide to continue their studies, taking MAs and PhDs here at the University of Hertfordshire, as well as at institutions like the University of London.

Being a publisher is all about good research, good writing skills, interview skills and following trends, so a history degree at the University of Hertfordshire put me in good stead for this role.

Leigh-Anne Slade

Associate Publisher for Euroweek