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Discover why you should take part in a study abroad programme with the University of Hertfordshire by viewing some of our Humanities students' experiences.

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Louise Egremont

Joint Honours study abroad student

Louise paraglidingIt is the ultimate way to feel alive.

You put yourself outside of your comfort zone and truly discover who you are and how you cope with whatever comes your way.

You meet people and within 48 hours they are your new family and you know you could rely on them for anything.

You discover places that only the locals know about and you never ever want to come home.

NicaraguaWhat you learn in your study abroad experience is more than what you study, culture or possibly a new language, it teaches you to appreciate every opportunity and every day.

It makes you realise you really can do anything you want.

I studied in California but I also explored Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Ontario, Hawaii, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Louise surfingI have seen the Masaya Volcano's smouldering crater, sat with monkeys in a 30m high tree in a cloud forest, zip lined, Tarzan swung, sailed and bungee jumped my way across Central America, paraglided over Hawaii, seen Niagara Falls, experienced a 6.0 earthquake, dived and snorkelled with turtles, learnt to skateboard, hiked Big Sur mountain, white water rafted on two different rivers, been to a Japanese ramen festival, relaxed in natural hot springs, kayaked and learnt to surf and I would do it all again in a heartbeat

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Listen to first-hand accounts of studying abroad from some of our Humanities students.