Student mobility

The study abroad programme offers students the opportunity to study abroad for a year or one semester.

We have an extensive student exchange network with more than 100 partners in Europe and worldwide, and every semester we welcome more than 100 exchange students.

What our students say

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Apply for an exchange

The Joint Honours, Humanities and Mass Communications Programmes have exchange programmes with Partner institutions in Europe and across the world.

To apply you must have completed at least one year of study by the time the exchange period starts and you may be required to achieve certain grades. The study abroad office provides further details on the application process.

Partners with credit transfer agreements

UNCWIf you are studying American Studies you can undertake a semester abroad with our partner UNCW (Wilmington).

You will have the opportunity to apply to spend the second semester of Level 5 studying at an American partner institution. The semester abroad provides you with an enriching experience of living and studying in another country, and contributes significantly to your understanding of American culture.

For the academic year 2015-16, five places have been reserved by the Study Abroad office for American Studies students. Depending on the level of student interest, it may not be possible for all applicants to be granted a place, and, if there are more than five applicants, places will be allocated based on academic performance in American Studies modules at Level 4.

Alternatively if you are studying Mass Communications you can study for one year with our partner INTI in Malaysia.

The modules studied in this at UNCW or INTI will be credited to your degree  as APCL.  Students who opt to take the year abroad in Malaysia will be asked to pay 15% of their tuition fee and the tuition in the Host University would be free.  Therefore, saving £7650 on their tuition fee.

For more information on the American Studies semester abroad please contact Rowland Hughes, or for Mass Communications at INTI College Malaysia, contact M.Tessier.

Application deadlines

Applications must be submitted with the support of the Study Abroad office.

Applications must be received by the deadline. Late applications will not be considered.

Limited places

Due to a limited number of study places, please be aware that students applying for exchange are not guaranteed a place. We strongly recommend that students consider alternatives in case we are not able to offer them a place.

[Studying abroad] makes you realise you really can do anything you want.

Louise Egremont

Study Abroad student