Learning disability research

The research portfolio at the Centre for Learning Disability Studies (tCLDS) is run by academic staff with extensive experience within the areas of, ethics and research in learning disabilities, human rights, health inequalities, user involvement, challenging behaviour advocacy, workforce issues and disability.

We are involved in a number of research projects, and supervise higher degrees, through by traditional research and alternative routes such as publication.

Under the leadership of Paul Maloret the Centre benefits from the support of a number of Honorary Fellows.

Honorary Fellows

Name Area
Dr Carol Bailey Hampshire
Dr Noelle Blackman London
Jim Blair London
Christine Cole London
Dave Ferguson Hampshire
Alison Fitzgerald Hertfordshire
Mary O'Toole Buckinghamshire
Dr Stellios Ioannides Hertfordshire
Gwen Moulster London
Dr Yogesh Thakker London
Jackie Vincent Hertfordshire
Dr Mary Waight Berkshire
Jo Ball Portsmouth
Ian Tearle Hertfordshire
Anne Webster Hertfordshire
David O'Driscoll Hertfordshire
Alison Pointu London

We are more than pleased to meet and discuss your ambitions in this area, and are able to offer excellent support and supervision to students wishing to undertake, MPhil, PhD's and post-doctoral work.

Contact us

Contact the research department if you would like to meet and discuss your ambitions in this area.