Introduction to Healthcare Professions Mentorship

A healthcare mentor is a Nurse or Midwife who plays an important role  in facilitating the development of future generations of nurses and  midwives. As a healthcare mentor you will help students relate their  theory into practice and help them take what they have learnt in the  classroom into reality. Your knowledge, experience and skills benefit  both student and patients alike.

The importance of the role and the  quality of healthcare mentorship offered in practice cannot be  over-emphasised. It is the learning experience in the clinical setting  that ensures that our nurses and midwives are fit for practice and  purpose.

To become a healthcare mentor you need to successfully achieve  all of the outcomes of stage 2 (NMC 2008). This  qualification is recorded on the local register of mentors. You need to  have a minimum of one year's working experience and currently work for at  least 15 hours per week.