Manufacturing Engineering courses

As a manufacturing engineer, you will gain high level of technical expertise and skill, which you will use to plan, design, set up, modify, optimise and monitor manufacturing processes.

The courses at the school of engineering and technology provide a fantastic platform for graduate engineers to enter professional careers within various industrial sectors.

The application of engineering and manufacturing engineering principles to the solution of industrial problems is a key theme. The focus is on the analysis and synthesis of manufacturing that is no longer just about production, but about a wider set of activities that create value-added benefits for both industry and society.

The course looks at issues of manufacturing technology and processing, it also has strong links to management. The transferable skills graduates gain from this course enable them to find employment in a wide variety of professions.


Opportunities to work with students of other disciplines include:

  • Automotive students - building and racing a single-seater race car in the UK Formula Student Competition
  • Aerospace students - projects involving Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), rocketry and space tourism