Undergraduate Electronic Communications and Electrical Engineering courses

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These modern and exciting courses will equip you with the design, simulation and implementation knowledge and skills needed for a career in electrical, electronic and communications engineering. The impact of this branch of engineering and technology has been most profound as witnessed in communication, radio and TV, healthcare sectors amongst others.

The digital age in which we live has been made possible by innovations in microelectronics and communications. This field of study will continue to shape the way modern society interacts as well as addressing the hugely topical green agenda through better design and utilisation of natural resources and energy efficient systems.

You will cover topics including:

  • electrical/electronic principles and practice
  • business, social and ethical issues
  • analytical methods for electronics and communications
  • digital/embedded systems and programming principles
  • electrical power systems and control
  • electronic communication systems

Our engineering degrees have an optional placement where you can spend a year working either in a professional research environment or within industry.

This experience will provide you with a huge benefit both when you resume your studies, and when you embark on your career.