Undergraduate Aerospace courses

Why choose Aerospace?

As an aerospace graduate you will have excellent employment prospects. Engineers in this field work across both the civilian and defence sides of the aerospace industry.

Our graduates have worked on major projects such as the Airbus A380, the Typhoon (EFA), missile systems, satellites and space vehicles. Many move into management positions within a few years.

Find your perfect course

The University of Hertfordshire has a strong track record of providing the aerospace industry with highly skilled aeronautical engineers. We have a fantastic range of Aerospace courses for you to choose from:

Aerospace Engineering courses

Courses in Aerospace Engineering focus on aircraft design, aircraft structures, materials and aerodynamics.

You will learn computer-aided design as well as finite element analysis and may join other students to design a complete aircraft.

Courses to choose from UCAS code
Aerospace Engineering (BEng) H410
Aerospace Engineering (MEng) H401
Aerospace Engineering with Space Technology (BEng Hons) H400
Aerospace Engineering with Space Technology (MEng) H402

Aerospace Systems Engineering courses

Courses in Aerospace Systems Engineering have a particular emphasis on avionics and flight control systems, leading towards a chartered engineer status.

You will become familiar with our flight simulators as well as commercial simulation software such as MatLab.

Course UCAS code
Aerospace Systems Engineering (BEng) H430
Aerospace Systems Engineering (MEng) H431
Aerospace Systems Engineering with Pilot Studies (BEng) H492
Aerospace Systems Engineering with Pilot Studies (MEng) H491

Aerospace Technology courses

Courses in Aerospace Technology focus on computer-aided engineering related to aerospace products including 3D modelling, computer-aided analysis, simulation and manufacture.

You may gain the flying experience necessary for a National Private Pilot's Licence.

Course UCAS code
Aerospace Technology with Management (BSc) H422
Aerospace Technology with Pilot Studies (BSc) H490

The mix of aerospace systems, engineering theory, teamwork and project management helped me secure a job at Selex ES

Scott Moffat

MEng/BEng Honours Aerospace Systems Engineering